Tips & Tools: Preparing for Success

It is never too early to start teaching skills that support positive outcomes. One such tool is Goal Setting and Monitoring. These skills can be taught, modeled and learned at any age and in a variety of settings. Goals can be set related to hobbies, sports, chores, academics, jobs, home care, finances, and so much more. Young children can set goals to buy a toy or treat or to learn a new skill.

Teenagers and adults can set goals related to grades, sports participation, vacations, home improvement, or any number of things. The key is that that goal setting is not the end, it is just the beginning.

Once the goal is set an Action Plan needs to be created. Then Monitoring Progress on the plan and goal are done. Along the way adjustments can be made by Reflecting on the progress being made. In the end, Evaluating the Outcome and deciding what went well and what to do differently in the future is valuable to future success.

The goal setting and monitoring process leads not only to achieve but also to learning and growth. Through this process one discovers skills they need to gain or to improve. They can learn what strengthens they already have and what interest they want to pursue further as they move forward in life